Special Announcement

Dear Families,
Maintaining oral health plays a major part in achieving our goal of happy, healthy children. We are continuing to pay special attention to every detail – from patient arrival, to procedure, to check out – and stay up to date on new developments to ensure a positive experience at every appointment.

We continue to take the necessary precautions to protect our patients and staff to ensure your visit is a safe one! Below you will find an outline of our current guidelines.


  • We sanitize our public areas such as waiting room seating, check-in and check-out areas, tables, door handles and other hard surfaces on a regular basis.
  • We thoroughly clean each clinical room including wiping down all potential areas of contact such as doorknobs, chairs, and equipment with medical grade disinfectant wipes between each patient.
  • Our team is being vigilant about frequent hand washing and regular use of hand sanitizer between each patient encounter, as is standard for our practice.
  • Doctors, hygienists, and clinical staff have been trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment to include masks, shields, goggles, gloves, and gowns as per OSHA recommendations for direct health care facilities.

We are excited to serve our patients and look forward to seeing you!

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