About Corridor Kids

At Corridor Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we provide the highest quality care in a fun, child-friendly setting. We want your child to think of the dentist as their friend – and that’s why we’ve equipped our facilities with the latest dental innovations, specially designed for pediatric patients.

Our Mission

Corridor Kids Pediatric Dentistry provides outstanding dental health care to infants, children, adolescents and those with special needs in a friendly, patient-centered environment.

How we are different

Our team genuinely loves kids, so we work hard to create a safe, comfortable and fun experience for everyone that walks through our doors! We focus on education and prevention, and we do it all in a playful space that fosters learning. It doesn’t get much better than that! Here at Corridor Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we don’t just care for smiles – we create them.

Quality Care

We put attention on prevention.

We “treat & teach” at every visit because we know that when kids learn healthy habits early, it leads to a lifetime of great oral health. We also make every lesson fun – because happy kids keep coming back, ensuring happier teeth and gums. Let’s work together to teach your child this valuable lesson: prevention is the key to a healthy smile for life.

We deliver fun, not fear.

Our specialized children’s dental office is decked out in brightly colored décor, complete with toys and games in the waiting room, to help your child feel more at home. By filling our offices with fun touches, we’ve made going to the dentist like going on a playdate – no stress, all smiles. When your child sees other children having a positive dental experience, they can use this as a model to follow.

We’re kid experts.

We’re not just dental professionals. We’re kid experts! In fact, most of us are parents just like you, and we’ve dedicated our entire careers to caring for little teeth and mouths. We tailor our approach to fit each child’s personality, helping to build a strong doctor-patient relationship. And nervous little ones have nothing to fear! Our gentle dentists know how to comfort even the most apprehensive patients. So, get ready for the unbelievable – before long, your child is going to love going to the dentist!

How Can We Help?