Pediatric Root Canal Procedure

“Your child needs a root canal” – words no parent wants to hear. Breathe easy. We’re trained to perform root canals on young patients. We’ll hold your child’s hand every step of the way. (We’ll hold your hand, too!)

We perform a root canal to repair and save an infected or damaged tooth. The procedure involves removing the nerve and the pulp. Then we sterilize and clean the inside of the tooth before sealing it. Left untreated, the tooth could become terribly infected and cause abscesses.

If your child is complaining about sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, you notice pimples on their gums or a tooth gets cracked or chipped, it may be time to talk to your child’s dentist. Your dentist will take a look and evaluate the symptoms at hand to determine the severity of the issue and treatment needed.

We’re here to make sure your child’s smile stays happy and healthy!

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