Current Patients

We, at Corridor Kids Pediatric Dentistry, encourage parents to be involved with their child(ren)'s daily oral hygiene and between the child, the parent/legal guardian and Dr. Vargas, we are confident that we can suggest the best scheduled path for your child(ren)'s optimal oral health. We recognize that every child is different and we take pride in following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines with every patient assessment.  The guidelines recommend fluoride be administered twice per year and bite wing X-rays be taken when Dr. Vargas can not clinically see between the teeth, these X-rays help diagnose early caries prevention and/or necessary repair.  A panoramic X-ray is performed at approximately the age of 6 to identify areas of concern such as but not limited to: tooth development issues, missing teeth or extra teeth.  Dental radiographs will be taken only if Dr. Vargas feels they are necessary and if any additional procedures are required, they will be scheduled for a later date.

Please note that Corridor Kids Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Vargas strictly follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines to ensure optimal oral health for your child(ren) and we encourage you to check with your specific dental insurance plan prior to your child(ren)'s dental visit in order to avoid any unexpected out of pocket patient responsibility or please ask upon arrival and our office team would be happy to assist you with your individual plan benefits.